Social Media Statistics Poll

At the dawn of a new year, marketers and analysts aim to assemble a sampling of industry statistics. Who’s using what, how are they using it, and why? Here at Pulp&Fiber, we know that numbers are sometimes just numbers. So today we are challenging these statistics.

Please participate in our social media survey, wherein we aim to either prove or disprove these stats using responses from YOU, our real demographic.

It will only take a few minutes, and it’s easy to complete, and to share. It’s totally anonymous, too!


Stay tuned for results!

  • Jennifer Johnston

    There are a few questions that should have been better worded. For example, I might not have used those hashtags, but still use hashtags — but that option wasn’t available in the question about most popular hashtags, so your results may not be accurate. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

    • casiestewart

      Hey Jennifer, Thanks for feedback and taking the survey. Noted and stay tuned for our findings. Have a feeling it’s gonna be interesting 😀

    • GabrielleSwan

      I think they are just trying to see if people fit into the statisitics. there are a lot of hashtags you could use, but i don’t think thats what they are looking to find. They just want to see if the top 5 (?) listed are actually popular in their network.

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