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Banned Super Bowl Ads : Pulp & Fiber Super Bowl Commercials That Were Too Vulgar To Air

Banned Super Bowl Ads

In response to yesterday’s post, listing our top five Super Bowl commercials of 2013, we thought it might be fun to show our top five picks for commercials that didn’t make the cut. Yup, these five spots were, in the end, not aired during a Super Bowl broadcast due to their various, er, questionable subject matter.

First up, Bud Light’s 2008 Super Bowl spot. This commercial was never aired due to it’s “flatulent” nature. Because, you know, dudes who sit around drinking beer and eating chips every Sunday never fart.

Next, we have this commercial for Airborne, a supplement that claims to stop you from catching colds. Although it clearly ranks low in terms of production quality, it certainly ranks high on the naked old man scale. Which we love. And if this makes us wrong, we don’t want to be right.

Sex sells. That we know. But this PETA ad takes the suggestion of sex to all new heights. Surprisingly, this ad was not aired at the 2011 Super Bowl. Likely due to complaints by parents who didn’t want to start finding carrot sticks and kale chips under their children’s beds, next to the bottle of Lubriderm and a box of Kleenex.

This commercial for Ashley Madison, a popular “dating” site, was not aired at the Super Bowl. Our guess is probably because it sucked. Point blank.

Last, but certainly not least, is this Bud Light ad. Bud Light, as we saw before, loves to use humor. And what’s funnier than forever scarring your girlfriend by releasing X-rated footage of her to the world, without her consent. Sure, she gets a beer out of it, but we can assume that this won’t be her last drink. Flash forward three months, after her boyfriend has dumped her, because, in hindsight, he’s realized showing every Tom, Dick, and Harry his girlfriend’s lady bits was not a good idea, and decides he cannot handle the jealousy he experiences every time another man looks in her direction, and her church-going parents have turned her away because they’re too ashamed to look at her, and she’s been fired from her job because her ‘film debut’ directly conflicts with the company’s contracted code of ethics, and she’s drowning her sorrows in A MILLION BUD LIGHTS at a bar, while some lecherous pervert ogles her from across the room, waiting until she’s had one sip too many to make his move! BECAUSE OMG SOOOOO FUNNY!

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