Sweating Yet?

Fear. It’s long been used as a tool to market specific products or services. But in a new digital campaign for Nivea, fear mongering is taken to a whole new level.

To launch a new deodorant, aimed at conquering stress-related perspiration, the German division of the Nivea marketing team decided to target unsuspecting travelers, and stress them out to the max.

Employing a production team and a crew of actors, Nivea “frames” unsuspecting individuals at the airport, in an elaborate ploy designed to get them sweating. These travelers are lead to believe that they are wanted by the police. They begin to notice that their faces are plastered across the front page of the newspaper, and on every one of the airport’s TVs.  Consequently, these poor targets become increasingly concerned and confused, as other travelers start to catch on, recognizing them, and shooting accusing looks in their direction.

Eventually, two men dressed as police officers approach them, holding a large silver briefcase. They ask the “criminals” if they’re stressed. Indeed, they admit that they are. So, the cops open the brief case, and lo and behold, it’s just deodorant! You know, cause these baffled “criminals” are probably sweating like pigs at this point.

Although this is hoax was clearly a cruel one, it definitely had us laughing. It’s a good example of how just a little bit of controversy can go a long way. And Nivea is no stranger to controversy; the skincare line was criticized in September 2011 for a print ad that some people considered to be racist. Subsequently, the ads were pulled, and Beiersdorf AG, Nivea’s parent company, issued a formal apology.

Do you think Nivea should feel bad for nearly sending these jet setting individuals into cardiac arrest? Or should they stuff their sorry’s in a sack, because, hey, it wassss kinda funny? Watch the video, and let us know what you think about the campaign in the comments section below!






  • http://casiestewart.com casiestewart

    This is hilarious and TERRIFYING. I would SO be sweating.

    • http://twitter.com/raymitheminx Raymi Lauren

      I’d pass out.

  • Adam

    This is unethical advertising

    • MissYemen

      Care to explain? Obviously, it’s not nice to scare people, but do you really think it’s unethical? I’m interested to hear your thoughts!

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