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This Is Movement Haus : Pulp & Fiber Movement Haus Site Launch

This Is Movement Haus

Movement Haus is NOT your typical condo gym, no fluorescent lights, or windowless rooms with noisy treadmills. Imagine iPod connected machines and internet ready workout screens; these are fitness spaces designed for the urban athlete. Movement Haus is a company changing the landscape for  Toronto’s condo residents. We recently launched movementhaus.com to match this sophisticated and functional business.

Movement Haus is a health and fitness company providing condos and homes with a wide variety of fitness services including training, yoga, massage, nutrition.  Movement Haus works with developers and architects to cultivate a health and fitness community within any development. Founded by Mark Stables, a personal trainer for 15 years, Movement House was created to support the growing Toronto condo boom with modern fitness amenities.

There are so many new condos being built in Toronto and developers often claim to have ‘state of the art’ and ‘five star’ fitness facilities, yet residents are often disappointed with the results.  Stables, a seasoned innovator in the holistic fitness industry, saw this as an opportunity and created Movement Haus to give condo dwellers a more health-conscious and design savvy space to live in.

The growth of  Movement Haus was riding on a great website. About working with us, Mark said “Community clearly understood my target, branding, and successfully translated my vision by breathing new life into Movement Haus’ online identity.”

What’s next for Movement Haus?  Visit movementhaus.com to see current and upcoming locations and follow @benchmarkyyz on Twitter for ongoing news.


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