It’s Friday afternoon, just FYI. And every Friday, right about now, we start to go cross eyed with exhaustion from a week of work well done.

How do our Friday’s look? After scanning through a list of 50 Awesome Reaction GIFS  we have complied an animated blog post that paints the perfect picture. Sometimes we’re happy. Sometimes we’re… well just look and see.

Happy Friday, have a great weekend, and a safe St. Paddy’s!

Arrive at 8:45 AM, after spending Thursday night out on the town.

Settle into your desk, and realize you left your iPhone at home.

Open your email. The client gives you props on your work… AND YOUR BOSS IS CC’D!

Make your way to the kitchen to get your fix. Snag the last drop of milk in the fridge. (Hope you like your coffee black, suckers!)

The coffee starts to kick in. At last.

It’s someone’s birthday! There are treats in the kitchen. #HUNGERGAMES Only the survivors will eat.

BTW happy birthday Carlimia!

Follow that with lunch… eaten at a real restaurant!
It’s Friday, after all.

Return to the office to find out your campaign has FINALLY been wrapped. Imagine how well you’ll sleep tonight.

To top it all off, you find out the client actually liked it.
“Psh, yeah, that’s what I thought.”

Then, receive a follow-up email moments later.
“Wait, you want us to start… from… scratch?

Followed by this.

Sympathetic co-workers look on, being all like…

Ok, It’s 5 PM!! Time to pack up and… oh… it can’t wait till Monday? So I’ll sit back down then.

Alright, 6:00 PM, crack a beer with the team and walk/dance home, like this…

DISCLAIMER: This was all in good fun, of course. We love our jobs here at Community! How do you do Friday? Make your own daily timeline, and post the link below!

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