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Andrew W.K. for Playtex? : Pulp & Fiber John Lydon for Country Life Butter

Andrew W.K. for Playtex?


In one of the most bizarre endorsement deals we’ve ever seen, Playtex has chosen party boy extraordinaire, Andrew W.K., to be the face of their new line of feminine wipes called ‘Fresh + Sexy’. That’s right. Mr. Party Hard himself, is now pushing sanitary napkins.

Celebrity endorsements have been around for ages, and with good reason.

The reason? They work. Sometimes.

When you see Michael Jordan jump from the free-throw line and nail down a thunderous dunk, you get that ridiculous thought that, in those kicks, it could be you. FYI: It couldn’t.

(But that’s the power of endorsement)

Occasionally, though, companies miss the mark when it comes to picking the ideal candidate. Michael Jordan and Nike go together like bread and butter, but Johnny Rotten and butter go together like bread and… shoes. AKA they don’t.

We are going to go through a couple of our favourite celebrity/product mismatches. Keep in mind, this doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t work in a so weird it works kinda way. We have, at Community, heard of irony.

God Save the Cream

In one of the oddest pairings we’ve seen. The former front man of the Sex Pistols, Johnny Lydon, or more commonly known as Johnny Rotten, teamed up with Country Life for a television ad. Now, if I were working in the casting department, I would have pushed for a celebrity whose name doesn’t draw up images of spoiled, old food. However, this is an example of one of those so weird it works things we were talking about before. Country Life saw an 85% increase in sales during the quarter after the ad was released.

Paris Hilton for Carl’s Jr.

Is there anything sexier than a woman washing a car, while eating a giant hamburger? Carl’s Jr. didn’t think so, which is why they got the It Girl of 2005, Paris Hilton, to do a modern take on the classic car wash fantasy. This ad got people talking, and it was nice to see Paris Hilton not take herself too seriously. A part of me was bothered about the fact that some suds got on the burger, but that’s something I got over. In time.

Mr. T for the Flavourwave Oven

Infomercials will always hold a special  place in my heart. Being content with boredom is the bomb. Add B.A. Baracus to a strange piece of cooking technology and you have the Shawshank Redemption of daytime TV shopping advertisements.

Kim Kardashian + Charmin

Last, but totally not least, we have Kim Kardashian pedaling toilet paper. Because big butts produce big… well, you know.


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