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The Future of Internet is TV : Pulp & Fiber The TV on The Internet

The Future of Internet is TV

conan multi screen

Some of my co-workers don’t agree with me on this but after being part of the Internet for almost a decade, attending countless conferences, and working in TV, I believe it to be true.  Years ago, I thought the Internet was the future of TV but as social TV develops and grows, I believe your TV is the future of the Internet.

Here’s why…

The next stage of social TV is starting to take form. Most prime time shows have hashtags on screen and encourage viewers to participate in the conversation online. Social media helped revive the television experience when broadcasters were losing money during the recession. As multi screen viewing grows, TV and Internet will become so interconnected they will be one in the same.

Some recent things to note …

1. Vevo Launches On-Demand VChannel

At SXSW this week VEVO launched an on demand video channel that chooses videos for you to watch. Much like TV, this new channel gives those without cable or satellite TV a way to sit back and watch video without having to choose for themselves. Remember when MTV and MuchMusic used to be like that? Yeah, we hardly do either.  The future of music video streaming is INTERNET on your TV.

2. The Bachelor adds tweets on screen

See what they’re doing here? Networks are using social to get people excited about watching and interacting with their shows. Nothing like seeing your name on the TV when you’re watching your fave show, then tweeting about it and telling all your friends. This is appointment TV at its finest.

3. Netflix and House of Cards

The first original Netflix-only series has become the most popular thing on Netflix, ever. Watch the full season or just a few episodes whenever you want. According to IMDB, House of Cards is the most popular show in the world right now.  Netflix has merged social, TV, and Internet, giving all the power to the viewers. The hashtag #houseofcards is a non-stop feed of fan interaction, too. Well done Netflix.

The way we consume media is forever changing, and as a lover of web and social, I believe the Internet will be televised in no time. You?

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