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Baseball’s Best Ads : Pulp & Fiber The Best Ads in Baseball

Baseball’s Best Ads


Sports and advertising go hand in hand.

Baseball season kicked off this week, which means many of you have dusted your armchairs off, and got your beer-drinking pants out of storage. Who doesn’t love this game?

Well, truth be told, I’m not really a baseball person myself. Probably because I was forced to play on a team as a kid, and I was so terrible that I got the name “Splinter” due to the fact that I spent the whole season sitting on the bench, developing a complex. Unlike that famous League of Their Own quote, I cried a heck of a lot in baseball. But, just cause I can’t play doesn’t mean I can’t watch. And I’m not watching alone.

According to The Sports Business Daily and Media Life Magazine, an average of 7.2 Million viewers tuned in to watch MLB last year in just The United States alone! That doesn’t even factor in all of the devoted Blue Jays fans here in Toronto and across Canada.

But, perhaps the best part of the baseball season is the fact that advertisers tend to bring out the big guns as the home opener approaches.

Today, we round up our top picks for best baseball commercials ever.  Consider this the World Series of Television Promotion.

Watch these, and let us know which one is your top pick.

1. Dick’s Sporting Goods

(This was all shot in one take, so, yeah…)

2. New Era

3. Seattle Mariners

4. Gatorade

5. The Toronto Blue Jays (the best for last)

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