Did Dove Blow It… Again?

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Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but what about parody? Does that count too?

Everyone’s talking about Dove’s latest campaign, and unlike their last one, which wasn’t received very well, the response has been generally positive.

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and truer words have never been spoken. That’s the great thing about opinions. You can have your own, and it doesn’t have to be the same as anybody else’s. But what about when it comes to your opinion of yourself? Dove set out to see how people perceive themselves, versus the way others see them. The message, in the end, is that women are far too critical of their looks, and the campaign aims to encourage women to take a second look in the mirror, and stop being so negative about what they see.

Now, if this is how we are to assume most women feel about their appearance, what about men? Are we as insecure about our looks as our female counterparts?

Following the release of the Dove campaign, a parody video was made, and quickly went viral. We won’t spoil the fun, you’ll have to watch it yourself, but essentially the video acts as and indirect (or direct, maybe) assault on the Dove campaign. Using humor, the producers accuse Dove of making wild generalizations about women. Not all women hate the way they look, just the same way that men don’t all think they look like Brad Pitt.

Watch both videos, and tell us which you liked better. Was Dove’s campaign powerful or profound, or do you think it’s a misrepresentation of women, and the way they think and feel about their looks?

Let us know in the comments below!

  • Dave

    Think Contra made a really good point about this. Again, its opinion, and yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But real beauty doesn’t come down to appearance and image, and it doesn’t differ in gender, race or age. Real beauty is the kind of person you are, not how you look.

  • Lauren

    When I watched the first one I thought to myself ‘wow this is really powerful’ but when I watched the second one I totally reconsidered. It’s almost as if they went and found women who were already insecure and brought them in. If I had been brought in I think I would have been a lot more positve I think

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