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Israeli Mickey D’s Ad Stars “Obama” : Pulp & Fiber Obama:

Israeli Mickey D’s Ad Stars “Obama”

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What better time and place to reflect on the intricacies of American-Middle-East relations than a McDonald’s commercial?

This week, a new ad for Israel’s privately owned McDonald’s chain made its debut on the web.  The commercial is from Yehoshua/TBWA, and stars an eerily convincing Obama doppelganger. In the spot, the U.S. President, while visiting Israel, uses his Secret Service agents to rally off-duty McDonald’s employees, and bring them in to serve Obama McDonalds’ latest creation, The Big America. Adorably, the sandwich is pronounced “Beeg Amehrikah” by the boisterous Hebrew V/O.

Harmless enough, right? However, after sinking his teeth in, Obama looks to the server, and enthusiastically says “God bless Israel!” Cue the haters. Even though he follows it up with “for The Big America,” some folks have taken issue.

Sure, it’s entertaining to watch, if not only to be impressed by the Obama likeness alone. (Also, “Sheemreet Harari” isn’t too hard on the eyes either…) But, as expected, due to the inference made about the relationship between the U.S. and Israel, and its support of the small, often politically divided country, the reviews have been mixed.

CHILL OUT!? Eat a McGefilte Filet O’ Fish, will ya?

We’ve all heard of the separation of church and state, but what about burger and state? Is this ad all in good fun, or did advertisers overdose on chutzpah in creating this? Let us know in the comment section below!


  • http://levynewsnetwork.wordpress.com TheDanLevy

    He says “God bless Israel for the Big America”…that’s not a political statement, it’s an ad for a burger!

  • Helen

    Although I liked this commercial, I see what the concern would be. If you were to read deeper into it, there is much more at stake. “God bless America” is the key here, and whatever follows it (“for the Big America,” for example) doesn’t really negate the first half of the statement That said, it’s just a commercial and there is no NEED to read further into it. It’s funny and damn that Obama guy is CRAZY convincing.

  • BarbieLasso

    hehe “CHILL OUT!? Eat a McGefilte Filet O’ Fish, will ya?”

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