Twitter Launches Music App

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Twitter recently acquired music discovery service We Are Hunted, which they will repurpose as a Music app that launched to an exclusive Twitter elite, i.e. music influencers (read the Ryan Seacrest’s of the world).

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Strategically, Twitter was smart to launch their app during Coachella, however it is only available for iOS devices, which alienates significant market share (Hello…Android!). Projected release for the rest of the world’s iPhone users is 1 week from today.

The exact functions of the new Twitter Music app are unclear but on their website We Are Hunted stated, “There’s no question that Twitter and music go well together. Artists turn to Twitter first to connect with fans, and people share and discover new songs and albums every day. “All previous We Are Hunted user accounts will be shut down

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It’s been reported that the app will provide recommendation of artists and tracks selected based on “personalized signals” such as who a user follows. Music clips via iTunes and SoundCloud will be available to users inside the app in addition to music videos housed by Vevo.

Recent developments include a homepage which allows you to sign in and give the app access to read and write within your Twitter account. The Twitter #Music app notes your platform (web) and defines it’s own functionality as “ The Best new music in the world right now.”

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We’re excited to see what the future of Twitter #Music app holds and what impact it will have on Twitter advertising, if any. Have you signed up? What are your thoughts on another music discovery service hitting the scene?

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