BuzzFeed Schools Agencies in Content Strategy

BuzzFeed Authorized Storyteller

BuzzFeed Authorized Storyteller, a new accreditation for agencies on viral marketing.

BuzzFeed, a popular consumer website that integrates a viral content identifier technology platform with a manual editorial selection arm which showcases “the viral web in realtime”, is playing even nicer with agency land these days by launching the Authorized Social Storyteller initiative, a branded content training program, for the agency staff themselves.

Native advertising isn’t anything new to agencies, especially those with copywriters turned content strategists but, the idea of editorial’s branded content team formally teaching advertising some new tricks is a new playing ground.

BuzzFeed has previously offered agencies editorial services where they will write relevant consumer content featuring a brand or sponsored by a brand as an ad unit but now they are enabling agencies with the ability to create their own branded consumer facing content designed to go viral.

Buzzfeed cites their designer for high quality content as their motivation to lending a helping hand to agencies and providing a new accreditation for the industry. Gone are the days of product placement in today’s premium web content market.  There is not cost for the selected agencies invited to participate but there are talks of minimum budget investment from their clients on BuzzFeed. Educating agencies in viral content creation is an interesting move by BuzzFeed in terms of growing their own revenue.

Do you think this will result in better digital content from brands or more of the same?


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