Do You Snapchat?

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Snapchat? No doubt you’ve heard about it on the news, from your kids, or your teenage sibling. It’s a free, instant photo texting app for Android and iPhone that’s making headlines around the world. Created by two Stanford students after a product design class for their final project, Snapchat was launched in September 2011 from their basement. The app’s main demographic is users 13-25, the over 40 crowd growing.  It’s not just for the kids!

What is Snapchat?

It’s the fastest way to ‘share a moment’ with friends, real-time photo chatting. The app works by allowing users to snap a photo then draw on it using a MS paint style pen and add a banner message with text. Once created, images are instantly sent to one person, or a group on the user’s friend list.

Brands Using SnapChat

Marketers jumping on the Snapchat bandwagon have to be careful not to be too closely associated with sexting or sending…ahem, sexually explicit images. Snapchat, which is very similar to Facebook’s Poke was seemingly designed for users to send racy images that aren’t saved or stored on smartphones. (Although, it was released this week that images ARE actually stored in the phone’s hard drive and can now be recovered for a minimal fee. I don’t know why you’d want to do that, but whatever!)

Two brands taking the leap are Taco Bell and 16 Handles Frozen Yogurt

16 Handles launched a campaign where they send coupons to fans. They noticed their target demo was Snapchatting and took that as an opportunity to join in.

Taco Bell saw an opportunity to create some fun content with customers and they sent out heaps of Snapchats to their fans and followers.

taco bell on snapchat

taco bell on snapchat

Personally, I’ve been Snapchatting heaps. Its a new way to send silly images to my friends that I don’t really want to Tweet to the world. I send funny faces, draw moustaches on things, and make up crazy dance moves to give them a laugh.

Do you Snapchat? What do you think about this whole photo-texting trend?

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