Twitter’s Vine now an IOS and Android app!

Vine Android App

Vine, Twitter’s popular mobile micro video sharing app, has just been released on  Android.  The videos, which are known as ‘Vines’, are commonly crossed shared to Facebook and Twitter, allowing users to share even more dynamic content then the standard post or tweet.

While Android users previously suffering from SMAD or FOMO are rejoicing that the app has finally come to their device of choice, there are some setbacks. Mainly, unlike the Vine app on iPhone, Android does not have front-facing camera (Nooooo!) and lacks some user tagging, hashtag and location setting functionality.

The share functionality for Android is not as robust as the iPhone Vine which boats sharing capabilities to Twitter, Facebook, and reposting in feeds.  We predict theses features will be updated shortly and Vince’s users stats will continue to soar, as Twitter is not about to neglect such a large portion of the mobile community.

What do you think about the various discrepancies in functionality of Vine or other apps when it comes to mobile devices? Are developers intentionally making apps bespoke to the mobile device based off their segment or is there another reason for the lack of consistency?


  • craig0r

    The app has been out on Android for like, I dunno, 5 hours? How about everyone calms down? Updates (and features) will come.

    • casiestewart

      Ok, ok, I will calm down.

      • craig0r

        Aw, I wanna like your comment, like on Facebook. Instead I’ll just reply and fill up the comments section with irrelevance. Like on Facebook.

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