Embedding Instagram Photos and Videos Hits the Social Scene

Bloggers and journalists, rejoice as Instagra­­­m now l­e­­­t’s users embed images AND videos!

In a push for proper accreditation, Instagram has introduced Web Embeds, which allows viewers of content to embed an Instagram image or video into their blog or website which ensures that a proper link back to the original creator’s Instagram account, citing their Instagram handle, and their initial description. Viewers of embedded content will be redirected to the content owner’s Instagram page if they click on the Instagram logo, driving traffic to the originator. Unfortunately, no notification system is in place to alert you when someone embeds your content.

For users concerned about privacy, the recent updates to embed functionality do not alter the visibility of a profile that is not already public. The other limitation to the Instagram embed function is that the Instagram embed codes will only be able to live on Tumblr video posts.

Tutorial time for those who want to be in the know:

  1. Go to http://instagram.com/[username]
  2. Click on the post to expand it
  3. Click  on the right side of the post
  4. Copy the embed code that appears and paste it into your web page’s HTML

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Now that you are up to speed, will you be embedding your own or others’ content away? Do you want your own photos embedded?

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