Trinity Taverna Comes to Toronto Beaches

The house was packed last night at Trinity Modern Greek Taverna, during it’s soft launch opening party at their beautiful beach side location on Lakeshore and Coxwell this week, sparking excitement for the official opening this month.

Trinity Modern Greek Taverna

Food styles include Greek and Mediterranean, Moroccan, Seafood, and Tapas Bars served across breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks.

Trinity Modern Greek Taverna

Spacious, boasting a beautiful indoor Greek décor and amazing patio space near the water.

Trinity Modern Greek Taverna

The décor is Greek and Mediterranean inspired, adding a relaxed yet sophisticated ambiance.

Trinity Modern Greek Taverna

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  • Cindy


  • guest

    Good food, great décor, but staff was rude and catty-that’s what happens when you hire young know-it-alls with no understanding of the “hospitality” aspect of the HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY. Like other diner’s reviews, we too were told that the patio was FULL-which it wasn’t. A quick walk around back revealed this. Our 2 hour dining experience next to the patio allowed us the opportunity to keep an eye on the patio tables……only half of the seating was filled during our dinner. Yet, we were told that he patio was full-???????
    Never going back. I can forgive miscommunication and delayed service, but not a bad attitude!

  • LCF

    I have to agree with the attitude and lack of respect for those of us locals looking for a new restaurant in the beach. We were told not only was the patio unavailable but all the inside tables as well…@6:30pm. So we ate and had drinks at the bar for 2 hours while we watched all the patio seats sit empty and most of the inside . The right thing to do is at least offer a 1st seating followed by a second so there is no misunderstanding. If this is how they plan to treat those of us who live in the beach who support restaurants all year long then the owner is in for a shock once the cold weather kicks in….cause our group will NOT being going back!!! I would rather splendour $$$ on a place that wants and appreciates our business.

  • Andrea

    We had the worst seat ever. Right beside the patio doors where the servers all dump the plates. Every 5 minutes BANG in my ear. The server didn’t care at all. Would I go back, maybe. Food was good, ambiance amazing but my migraine with ear ache make all that irrelevant. Also, the server forgot our wine. We asked 3 times, he was so pre-occupied with other things. It needs a hospitality check. The food being great will not compinsate for 1/2 assed wait staff.

  • Kelly

    Had lunch there yesterday and it was fantastic, the food, the service, the atmosphere. It is a shame the experience of others was so poor as I had a compeltely opposite experience. I was told to come back int he evening I would defintiely need a reservation, as you do in most restaurants on the weekend in this city. I would like to remind other diners they were still in the soft opening period, which means they are working out the kinks, which from my experience they have done. Give it at least one more chance, the Beach needed a place like this.

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