Social Media is The New Vogue

j.Crew launches fall collection on Pinterest via @pulpandfiber

Today J.Crew took a bold move and introduced their fall line on Pinterest. Last month Oscar de la Renta released their  their fall collection exclusively on Instagram and Gap recently purchased all the ads on tumblr for a day.  Move over Vogue, top brands are taking to the Internet to debut their collections via social media.

Oscar De La Renta on Instagram

Gap on tumblr

Social media has changed many industries, especially fashion. As bloggers replace buyers in the front row, collections grace the internet on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram as soon as they hit the runway. No more wait time to see collections come alive in popular magazines, we’re in the age of real-time fashion marketing.

What’s Next?

J.Crew’s next step is an online film series to be followed by an Instagram campaign later this week. I like where they’re going but I feel J.Crew could have taken the release of their collection on Pinterest to the next step by including an e-commerce layer. I went to their Pinterest, browsed the collection, and naturally clicked through to purchase, at which point I hit a roadblock and lost interest. If brands are going to be bold and release collections on social, I’m all for it, I just hope they think through and add in sales. After all, that’s what keeps us social media people employed!

Thoughts, lmk in the comments!

  • crystalgibson

    J Crew gave you the opportunity to pre-order any and all of the items from the catalogue on Pinterest. The anticipation that is built on “pre-fall/fall” items are half the fun – consider the Moda Operandi model, which is built on pre-ordering things! Great article – there is definitely much more to explore for brands in social!

    • casiestewart

      Thanks girl! How did I miss that?! (Goes back to Pinterest!)

      • Aurea Dempsey

        Great post Casie! I’m with you —to show fashions on any platform without an option to purchase instantly doesn’t make good sense to me. Same for ‘pre-ordering’. If I want to look without buying, I’ll go window shopping instead :)

  • Marivi Avalos

    Hi Casie!
    I loved your article, will be very interesting to see how much reactions these campaigns are generating over users, don’t you think so?

  • Boost Agents

    Interesting article, Casie! Some great points about making the connection between social and sales. We’re interested to see how J. Crew approaches their Instagram campaign.

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