Twitter Launches News Feature “headlines”

Twitter headlines

It’s not secret that the Internet and social media have transformed the state of the current newsroom nor that social networks have empowered everyday people and brands to possess journalistic capabilities such as breaking news and curating it for their fans or followers.

Always on the forefront of culture and societal advancements, Twitter has just introduced a new product feature to enhance the platform’s news capabilities. The feature called “headlines” showcases the news story to provide context to the tweet under the section “Related headlines” located in a Tweet’s permalink page.  This update is designed for in platform engagement, as this will not be displayed in embedded tweets. Not to be outdone, Facebook has built a news infrastructure into their social network by allowing anyone to embed public Facebook posts a la their sister network Instagram’s additional embedding function, which creates access to more content and facilitates better sourcing.

Both updates are evidence of the current and future role social networks play in delivering news in today’s hyper connected digital culture. Further developments are sure to cement the importance of social networks for newsrooms, public figures, and brands as they will want to have a platform to respond to items related to themselves and be part of the conversation.

Do you think headlines will enhance the user experience of Twitter? Is this news related contextual relevance something you want to see across all social networks?

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