Facebook Launches Trends- Homage to Twitter?

In a move to build the foundation for yet another ad product, Facebook launched Trends. The groundwork for Facebook trends was set out 2 months ago after the implantation of hashtag functionality.

On August 7th, a Facebook rep told Mashable “Today we started running a small test that displays topics trending on Facebook. It is currently only available to a small percentage of U.S. users who use Facebook’s mobile web site (m.facebook.com) and is still in very early stages of development.”


This is an exciting new feature for the user experience and an added value for brands to see what content is relevant for the Facebook community at large. This new feature is not without cost to user however, as the new Facebook Trends relies on APIs which aggregate key words from Facebook users who have privacy settings to public. For those Facebookers who don’t wish to partake in trends,  it’s advised they update profile settings.

Are you excited about Facebook Trends? Or do you wish the social networks would maintain their individual user experiences? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter – @communityagency!

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