Social Media Week Toronto 2013

This week marked the 4th annual Social Media Week in Toronto. Sponsored globally by Nokia, the week long event was free to attend and featured an array of speakers and topics related to how social media affects journalism, television, gadgets, psychology, marketing, and more. This year’s venue was the Windsor Arms Hotel located in Yorkville which served as a great spot to accommodate the large crowds.

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SMWTO Highlights from the Community Team

Casie Stewart – On Monday I spoke on the first panel of social media week, Toronto: A Social City. Also on the panel were  Ed Keenan, Senior Editor, The GridMichael Bolen, News Editor, Huffington Post CanadaHamutal Dotan, Editor, Torontoist and Rebecca Brown, Founder, Bunch Family. This panel discussed a number of social issues that have attracted international media for Toronto including our Mayor, the world famous Ikea Monkey, and the G-20 Riots. We got some good discussion going and each panellist shared their thoughts about the future of social media.

Jennifer Stack – Wednesday evening, I attended Social Psychology for Social Media which provided a brief overview of Dr. Cugelman’s Persuasive Communication Model, a framework that he developed to blend all persuasion literature into a simple framework, that can be used to build or audit interactive technologies. Attendees received this great 1 pager takeaway of the chat, taking the pressure off live tweeting.

Thursday morning, Dylan and I attended Social Machines: Exploring Our Socially Connected Future which delivered an overview of StoryScaping and the role of Social in brand stories which prompted an exploration of connected thinking. The main message of the event was that stories become experiences and social credentials/data become a utility.

Social Media Week Toronto 2013

Dylan Thompson – Dr. Brynn Winegard is a marketing and strategy professor at the Ted Rogers School of Management, at Ryerson University, and on Tuesday, she spoke to a crowded room of people, explaining the past, present, and future in her presentation ‘Preempt Me: The Future of Marketing & Marketing Communications’. She talked about a lot of marketing content during her short time on stage, touching on everything from the first forms of advertising, to current marketing trends, and where it might take us in future years.

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