This SHT Is Real! Poo-Pourri!

Poopouri is a real PRODUCT that you can order on the internet.

I saw this ad in a YouTube pre-roll over the weekend. I was so totally convinced it was a joke  that I watched the entire two minutes. Guess what… IT IS NOT A JOKE!  It’s real guys. Poo-pourri for when you need to take a poo and you don’t want to stink up the place.

* This totally doesn’t appeal to me because I NEVER stink up the bathroom or have an awkward situation like any of these mentioned mentioned in the above video. Ever.

Poopouri is a real PRODUCT that you can order on the internet.

This is the second ‘toilet themed’ product I’ve seen poop pop up on the Internet airwaves lately. A couple months ago the Dollar Shave Club came out with One Wipe Charlies. I’ll give you one guess what they might be.

What is with all this talking about bums?

People have been doing *just* fine using only toilet paper for centuries. I was a little disturbed when trusted home brand Cottonelle launched a campaign to name their new ‘Cottonelle Care Routine’ that involves using wipes and TP, together.


It started in commercials on TV and now…it’s everywhere! If you stop by their Facebook, they’re trying to get fans and followers to talk about their routine. On Twitter, they’re striking up conversation all over the place with the #Let’sTalkAboutBums hashtag. Ermagehhhrd guys, no.

It makes me feel uncomfortable to talk about that stuff with ANYONE let alone all the friends I have NEVER known on Facebook.

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