Social Fashion Frenzy

With World MasterCard Fashion Week (or more appropriately #WMCFW) week in full swing it’s hard not to catch the serious fashion fever that’s been in abundance across the city. Peeking at all the collections has us asking- What’s next for fashion?

Earlier this year, Credit Suisse issued a report regarding the rise of the wearable technology market, also known as ‘wearables;’ a budding industry set to reach a worth of $30-$50 billion in the next 3-5 years. Currently the wearable market seems to focus predominantly around the health and fitness industries but is set to reach all clothing in the near future.

What exactly constitutes  a ‘wearable’ you ask?

Nike + Fuelband SE

Nike + Fuelband SE

An office favourite, the Nike + Fuelband SE is a wearable workout buddy that tracks your activity level throughout the day or even by the hour. The band uses ‘Nikefuel’ technology- a branded motion tracking measurement system that can gauge the activity of various physical movements.  Nike + Fuelband users can gather in digital communities through the Nike app and share workout data (if that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is!)

Heapsylon Sensoria Socks

Sensoria Socks

A far cry from the typical tube sock, Heapsylon’s Sensoria Socks are bound to change the way you move. The socks are infused with textile sensors that when coupled with an ankle band, provide detailed information regarding foot landing technique and weight distribution in addition to steps, calories, altitude and distance. The data collected by Sensoria can help identify workout regimens that increase the risk of injury to the user as well as improve performance for a variety of activities.

CUTECIRCUT’s Twitter Dress

CUTECIRCUT’s  innovative  Twitter Dress worn by Nicole Scherzinger featured 2,000 LED lights that illuminated to display fan’s tweets to the star in real-time. Fans engaged with the dress using the #tweetthedress hashtag transforming the dress into wearable social media. The Twitter Dress is one of the many designed from the innovative  team at CUTECIRCUT whose collection boasts the likes of USB programmable dresses and t-shirts.

What does this all mean?

With the pervasive integration of social into all facets of life, lifestyle and luxury brands are faced with no choice but to innovate and  integrate tech into their products. Perhaps we may see a future where our clothing and accessories will replace our gadgets and where our every movement is tracked and shared to our networks. For the social fashion trend, one thing is clear; wearables are the smartest products we have ever worn.

Are you wearing technology yet?


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