Updates to Facebook’s Open Graph


Straight from the Facebook Newsroom, a blog post titled “Graph Search Now Includes Posts and Status Updates” was published on September 30th. This is how Facebook announced the evolution of Open Graph, which includes updates that will greatly aid journalists looking for first hand information about current events and their sources, as the latest edit on Open Graph has integrated users’ comments, posts and status updates  into the structured, strongly typed API.

This update will provide another layer of content indexed for users to connect over and brands to leverage organically and via paid media.  Another step to a more connected world is forged by Facebook which enables connections in real time about current events or topics vs. interests from your profile filled out 5 years ago.

For those concerned about privacy, remember people can only see content that has been shared with them. So unless your  posts are shared publicly with  people you are not friends with, your privacy remains intact. To confirm your status use the privacy shortcuts or Activity Log to review who can see the things you share.

As with all of Facebook’s new initiatives, the new changes are being rolled out slowly to a small sample of Facebook users while they wait for and incorporate feedback to improve the service. Are you excited about Facebook Open Graph updates, concerned or indifferent? Let us know in the comments!

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