Social Shopping: The #CyberMonday Edition

The countdown for THE most anticipated shopping day of the year is on: #CyberMonday, of course! What’s happened to Black Friday you ask?  Recent studies show that only 13% of  shoppers plan to shop in physical stores on Black Friday, down from 17% last year. Perhaps they saw this meme floating around the internet…

Regardless, the decrease in the presence of physical shoppers seems to be attributed to the popularity of online retail and more importantly, #CyberMonday. Experts at Adobe are predicting that this year online consumers will be spending approximately $2.27 billion dollars without having to leave their homes, resulting in estimates of over 22 million packages to be shipped this holiday season.

Okay we like info graphics, but why the switch?

#CyberMonday sales allow consumers to avoid the infamous engulfing crowds characteristic of Black Friday:  9 out of 10 shoppers plan to engage in some form of online shopping this #CyberModnday. Realistically, why risk being trampled by crowds when you can shop for exactly what you’d like from the comfort of your couch? (or as surveys show, from your workplace!)

Social Couponing: Facebook exclusive offers are a popular strategy used by online retails to engage their existing fans as well as attract new ones.

Social Shopping: Social platforms allow users to share their tips and tricks for snagging the best #CyberMonday deals. Further, stats show that 7 out of 10 users will use Twitter to research sales in order to enhance their #CyberMonday shopping experience .

Mobile Consumption: According to experts an estimated 46% of holiday shoppers will be purchasing using their phones and other mobile devices, and most of them will be male.

Do you plan to do any #CyberMonday shopping this year? Let us know! 

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