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Make Way for Mobile Marketing

It is estimated that by 2015, 33.6 billion dollars will be spent on mobile ads, nearly 4x the $8.4 billion invested in 2012. To be clear, this is money invested in mobile display ads, NOT mobile apps. Harvard Business Review research says that mobile display ads can positively impact utilitarian and “high involvement” products by providing consumers with psychological cues that encourage them to retain and recall key messaging within the ad. The key takeaway from this study is to focus on the utilitarian aspect of your product or service should it be categorized in the hedonic category.


Mobile is also making a huge impact on the food related industry, according to eMarketer, who featured research on Mobile users in Canada who use apps to assist with food-related activities by demographic. The top activity Canadians use mobile for when it comes to food-related activities was to find nearby restaurants, indicating the importance of location marketing in a mobile strategy.



Further, to illustrate how Canadian consumers use mobile when interacting with the food industry, eMarketer showcases the features of mobile apps for restaurants available worldwide. The top three is not at all surprising – menus, restaurant search / location-based GPS and nutritional information.



Mobile certainly has come a long way since the 90’s , diversifying the connective capabilities of B2C and the distribution of information. As technology advances, the opportunities are endless for the future of mobile marketing. Tell us what you think of the potential for mobile  marketing in the comments.

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