Predictions for the New Year: Part One

With a new year in our sights, it’s the time of year to lay down some predictions about what 2014 holds for our social and digital worlds. At Community we like to think we’ve got our ears to the pavement. Check back next week for more of our predictions.


Graphic design portfolio on Behance

Niche Networks

It’s hard to believe Instagram wasn’t always the juggernaut it is today. How big is it? Recent stats show Instagram has 150 million active users per month. As the giants of social media begin to see their audience growth wane (at least in North America), Smartphone adoption rates continue to rise. This increase in mobile usage has paved the way for niche networks to gain real traction in the marketplace, because let’s face it, life happens when you’re not in front of a computer. Expect micro-communities to see substantial growth in 2014 as they satisfy our need to connect around specific interests – think Quibb to share industry news and analysis, Behance to share creative works or Path to keep unforgettable personal moments.




Apple just rolled out their iBeacon technology in all of its 254 U.S. stores. This technology allows the company to push out messages to shoppers iPhones based on their location in the store. Geofencing – a form of virtual, location-based marketing – is not new. The ability to contextualize and personalize messaging with a target audience has massive (and positive) implications if done right. Expect Apple’s recent move to tip geotargeting and geofencing into the mainstream, forcing marketers – and consumers – to get comfortable with it.

What do you anticipate will drive the most change in 2014?

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