Santa’s Online

As we get further into December, I get overwhelmed with nostalgia, thinking about how exciting it was to count down to Christmas morning. I’m sure most adults do. I think back to getting out my pencil and writing down a list of wants to send off to Santa: ‘A rocking horse, a, a gramophone, and done!’ I would set down my quill, wax seal my letter and send it off to the north pole via man on horse back, hoping that he will be able to brave the cold winter and get my letter to old Saint Nicholas. The 90’s were a different time.


This day and age is different. The illusive Father Christmas is like the rest of the world: Completely accessible thanks to the Internet. Instead of writing actual letters and waiting patiently to be ultimately disappointed in Santa not reading your letter live on YTV, kids can just whip out their smartphones whenever they see something neat and hit up the big guy on one of his various social platforms.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 11.10.13 AM

Maybe you pester him with Tweets, hoping for a favourite, retweet, or even a reply so you know he saw your request. I would also assume getting a follow back would mean you’re on the nice list, right? Or, could he be watching you to make sure you aren’t tweeting anything bad? It’s hard to say.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 11.32.22 AM

Flattery is also a way to get what you want, so maybe you go check out his Instagram feed and like a bunch of his photos. Because who doesn’t notice and appreciate some extra hearts on posts you thought maxed out back in December of last year?

I used to love having to finely craft that letter over the first week of December. You only had one shot to make sure you put everything you wanted on that list. The kids today have it to easy, and as result, I think Santa has even more work cut out for him. If anyone has his LinkedIn, send it my way. I think he has to be in desperate need of a Community Manager.

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