Strategy Meets Santa


As the big day (aka Christmas) approaches, we’ve all had our fill of happy holiday marketing hoopla from the secular ads, to all inclusive ads, to the brands reinventing Santa Claus and so on. By 2013 Marketers have tried it all, including the Naughty or nice barometers and quizzes assessing your social profiles.

 Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 10.04.39 AM

As communication and technology evolve, there are more creative and sophisticated ways to capitalize on the holiday period. Many consumers feel the message or spirit of season is lost in content creation and consumption, or mass consumerism. These concerns lead to questions such as, how on brand is your modern Santa exploitation?

And, are we simply leveraging historical Santa marketing pushed by other brands or are we innovating?

In typical advertising fashion, agencies have addressed this authentic concern of marketers with humour and fun. UK geniuses Quietroom have created the perfect Santa Brand Book guideline for you to ensure you hit the “brand promises” of XMAS.

X  excellence

M measurability

A  accountability

S  snow

This valuable resource also establishes all of the “brand values” of Santa.


The Santa Brand book is the epitome of why agencies exist- to flip even the strongest of entities on their heads with a fun and over-the-top idea that drives humour. Happy Holidays Everyone!

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