Best of #CES2014 Days 1 & 2

CES Instagram

CES 2014 kicked  off this week in Vegas, living up to it’s tag line ” The Global Stage for Innovation”.  The Consumer Electronics Show boasts some pretty impressive stats with over 3,000 exhibitors, 6,000 journalists, 14,000+ presidents/CEOs/owners and is the site of thousands of product launches in more than fifteen categories.

It’s only day two but already some fan favourites have emerged across Twitter and Instagram to major praise. We’re loving and listing them off below:

1. Parrot Minidrone Quadricopter: just watch this incredible YouTube video by SEO Marketing and recognize the potential for delivery for commercial, defence and non-profit industries.

2. Samsung Bendable TV: Perfect for all your party needs or for those of you who live in oddly shaped apartments.

3. Michael Bay: This director brought some (unplanned) comic relief to the Samsung stage with his abrupt freak-out as a result of an inability to read the prompter. When the A/V hit a snafu, Bay ran off the stage, showing the world it isn’t so easy to be a presenter.

4. Intel Smart Bowl: Improving human habits by implementing a charging function into a bowl to ensure that when you drop your iPhone on the nightstand that it charges, removing a daily chore and countless headaches from the standard routine.

5. ModiFace’s 3D Augmented-Reality Makeup Mirror: This changes the retail experience/game when you think of kiosks in airports or bus stands that let you virtually try on the make up and then place an order via e-commerce. Plus, it’s quick, convenient and sanitary unlike the current mall make-up application trial.

We’re looking forward to seeing what comes out next and even more excited to see how it impacts the industry at large.

Follow the fun with the hashtag #CES2014 and let us know your favourite innovations.

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