Move over Sochi the #SelfieOlympics Is Taking over

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Evolving from the hashtags #SelfieGame and #TrickShotSelfie, the latest #SelfieOlympics, is best paraphrased by viral insider website, Know Your Meme, as “is a photo fad that involves taking a mirror-shoot selfie in a bathroom while posing in a physically challenging manner or partaking in an unusual activity.”  The hashtag took over the internet this month, heralded by the Selfie Games Twitter account which has nearly 100,000 followers worldwide.

Everyone is a winner and a judge in these games!  The lack of formalized categories and rules offers total creativity.  To date there have been more than 820,587 mentions, primarily on Twitter.  The majority of participants appear to be Millennials.  It’s clear 57% of mentions took place in the United states while 6% took place in the Netherlands.  Remaining activity occurred in Italy, UK, Spain, France, Mexico and the Ukraine.  This word cloud illustrates the top associations with the viral meme.

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What’s your take on the social phenomenon?


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