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Leading up to the holidays, Dave Smulowitz and Art Mandalas challenged the studio to come up with some unique art to display the many different talents of Pulp & Fiber’s designers. Last year it was the MUNNY dolls, which are proudly on display, and act as spectators for the many ping pong games that take place daily. This year, Dave bought a bunch of skateboard decks, and gave the designers only one instruction: Go Crazy! The finished pieces will be displayed on the studio’s walls, making it even more of and imaginative and inspiring place to work in.

Here are the first four submissions from the studio, along with some background info on what inspired their creations.


Name: Teresa Man
Position: Graphic Designer
Skateboard title: Between the Lines
Inspiration: Stemmed from a little bit of Hayao Miyazaki, and a lot from my love for cats.

Name: Rae Drake
Position: Graphic Designer
Skateboard Title:
Booming and Zooming
I knew I wanted it to have texture, but I didn’t know what kind. Then I saw these brightly coloured miniature Pom Poms at the dollar store. I bought every package that they had, and they didn’t have a lot. I poured them all into one huge bowl and just started glueing them on one at a time, keeping the same colours from touching. As I got closer to being finished, I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to cover the whole thing, but I ended with like 10 blue ones left over. I was so happy.

Name: Christopher Lynn
Position: Graphic Designer
Skateboard Title: Follow Your Heart/Head
Inspiration: Seeing the blank deck with 8 drilled holes I wanted too see how much I could remove while still keeping it’s strength. At some point after drilling for like 3 hours I couldn’t help but think ‘why am I doing this?’ It seemed like a metaphor for caring, why do we care? I had cross stiching in mind for some sort of messaging and that point it only seemed right to add in a symbol for dedication/the heart.
Long story short: it is a result of following spontaneous efforts. Metaphors and puns and so on.

Name: Alex Fischer
Position: Production Artist
Skateboard Title: Untitled (Croctopus)
Inspiration: As my son Julius did the graphics, it was an opportunity to give a young artist a chance to have his work seen by a professional audience.

We’ll be showcasing more as they come in. In the meantime, which of these four pieces speak to you the most? They’re all amazing, of course, but we’d love to hear your input!

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