More Sochi Toilet Madness!

The 2014 Sochi Olympics have officially begun, despite the hold backs and problems that have been highlighted over social and mainstream media over the past week. After the infamous double toilet bathroom went viral, a whole list of problems started to surface, with a large focus on the bathroom situations in the hotels.


I guess the viewing seats are used to judge the toilet performance.

Well, guess what guys? You haven’t seen the half of it. Community was lucky enough to get their hands on the plans for few bathroom layouts for some of the other winter Olympic athletes, and it ain’t pretty.




This one shouldn’t be so hard for the bobsleigh teams, as they are already pretty used to being in closed quarters.



The figure skaters have a bit of a tricky set up. We can only assume their washrooms will also come equipped with judges chairs.



And finally, the boys on the hockey team bring their squad even closer together. Their washroom can fit the who starting line up, plus the coach and even a face off circle. Keep it relatively clean though, because this is not a face off you want to be thrown out of.

After seeing these washroom layouts, those side by side toilets aren’t looking so bad anymore! Good luck to our athletes competing for team Canada, we look forward to having you back home, to the land of the free, and home of the private washroom. Go Canada!

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