Teens a Powerful Force in Mobile App Use

Teens are highly regarded by marketers and advertisers for their disposable income and potential lifelong brand loyalty, thus making them one of the most powerful consumer markets. Teen use of mobiles and tablets is growing significantly year over year.  Today 68% of teens use mobile devices to access the internet.


A recent report conducted by GlobalWebIndex assessed the most popular mobile apps used by teens to date.  Not surprisingly, many of these apps are social networks or messaging apps that provide teens with prominent functionality to connect and communicate with their peers.  Facebook is top of the list & fourth place for their Messenger app, despite rumours that teens were leaving the ten year old social network. Popular and established networks such as Youtube and Twitter take spots two & three for month access.  Interestingly enough, newcomer Snapchat, which launched in the Spring of 2013, was the app teens were 2x as likely to use over Vine, Twitter’s own micro video creation app, which could be a result of the limited duration of content created and shared on Snapchat.


Number seven on the list, is WhatsApp, a mobile messaging app recently acquired by Facebook for more than $16 billion.  It is used by 25% of the world’s teens (16-19 year olds) each month – a growth of 160% over the past year!


What do you think about teens’ usage of social media?  Should their consumption habits dictate brands’ social presence online?

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