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Twitter & TV: The Perfect Pair for Advertisers : Pulp & Fiber The Stats on Social TV

Twitter & TV: The Perfect Pair for Advertisers

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This month, Twitter’s Head of Research, Anjali Midha (@amidha), published a report on the two T’s: Twitter and TV. The second screen experience has been largely fueled by the social  network which prides itself on real time posting.

Twitter determined multiple key social TV insights for advertisers from studying over 500 TV ads, assessing 63,000+ comments (tweets), 100,000 airings and polling over 7,500 Twitter users.  These understandings can be applied to television ads and possibly even product placement within shows. The most simple and functional takeaway is that brand conversion is positively impacted by #hashtags in TV ads. Hashtags serve many purposes from raising awareness, leveraging interests or cultural memes to raising awareness of a key message. No surprise that this conversation aggregator enforces a commercial or program’s identity or network by earning a spot  42% more Tweets then a commercial with out a hashtag.

Viewers using Twitter are  more “tuned in” to advertising as they are less likely to flip channels during the commercial break, presumably since they are too busy reading or commenting on Twitter. Only 8% of viewers who use Twitter channel surf during commercials as compared to 17% of viewers who are not engaged with a second screen.

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TV ads are more effective amongst Twitter users. Research found that viewers watching TV with a second-screen had an average TV ad recall of 53%. vs. those with out Twitter who had a recall of merely 40%. These Twitter viewers were also 13% more likely to discuss shows and 3% more likely to recommend programs! These key WOM (Word of Mouth) and testimonial components are essential in winning market share with advertising both IRL and digitally.

Furthermore, research determined that TV commercials viewed by Twitter users resulted in an 18% lift in brand favourability (defined as the likelihood for a viewer to rate a brand “excellent” on a five-point scale) as compared to viewers who did not use Twitter which only had a 7% lift in response to seeing the commercial. Purchase intent nearly doubled for viewers who tweeted vs. those who did not (30%:16%)


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What do you think about the impact of Twitter on TV, and where do you think it’s going? Does more social implementation within TV content lead to a better consumption experience?


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