Top Four Best of Moments for SXSW Interactive Festival


SXSW 2014

SXSW 2014

South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) kicked off last Friday in Austin, Texas and runs until March 16th, 2014. The festival focuses on and showcase up and coming Film, Music and Interactive trends. SXSW is music’s leading industry event. The festival allows participants to experience what the future of music has in store for it’s consumers, through various panels, talks, the Trade Show, the Music Gear Expo as well as other activities taking place in Austin. It also provides performances from over 2 200 musicians on over 100 stages.  The Film program groups together amazing filmmakers, showcasing their talents and innovations which drive the entertainment and media industry.  This year marks the 21st anniversary for SXSW Interactive Festival, a breeding ground for vanguard technologies and digital creativity. This event exhibits the innovative ideas of todays sharpest through panels, hands on experience and presentations featuring the “the best new websites, video games and startup ideas the community has to offer” (via SXSW)

Here are the Top 4 Moments for SXSW Interactive Festival:

1) OREO’s Trending Vending Machine


Orea’s Trending Vending Machine, SXSW 2014. “Eatthetweet”


Willy Wonka’s wonderful ideas may not be as unattainable as we once thought. Bonin Bough, Oreo’s Global Media Vice president, introduced #eatthetweet at SXSW. Attendees of the Festival could line up at the Trending Vending Machine, and have an Oreo 3D printed and designed for them based on what was trending on Twitter at the time.  Bonin expressed that the machine gives “the ability to actually taste culture through an Oreo. We call it ‘eat the tweet’. He also revealed that  “Oreo itself was trending at one point, so the Oreo printed a cookie of itself, which was very meta, and it tasted like the trend of Oreo.” via  UPROXX

2) Samsung’s – Milk Music Streaming


Samsung's new music streaming app Milk Music

Samsung’s new music streaming app Milk Music

Milk Music is Samsung’s new music streaming app, available strictly to Galaxy users. Unlike competitors, who rely strictly on ads to operate, Milk Music will offer free music and will be ad-free. The app allows users to customize their stations, kind of like you do in your car, but there are over 200 channels and 13 million songs to choose from, hand picked by top industry DJs.

 (info via The West Side Story)



Feed from the app SECRET regarding SXSW 2014

Feed from the app SECRET regarding SXSW 2014

SXSW was a good testing ground for the app SECRET, the cousin of twitter but with anonymous comments.  SECRET allows it’s user to express their views in a more open manner, they no longer have to be concerned with being attached to a name.  Many people follow the herd on what’s being discussed online even though they have opposing views, this app allows any and all sides to be discussed without fear of humiliation. Their catch phrase says it all “share with your friends, secretively. Speak freely.”  Many people are concerned that this app makes cyber-bullying easier to do, without repercussions.  Co-founder David Byttow “has now confirmed that unsavoury messages are “quarantined” by Secret staff or users, and are only visible to the person who has written them. Anyone posting overly negative updates will “either stop or their behavior will change.” via Digital Trends



New privacy focused open chat app OMLET

New privacy focused open chat app OMLET


Omlet is another app focussed on privacy and security. Created by Professor Monica Lam from Stanford University, it’s the first open chat platform of its kind to give users the choice to save and manage their data in any way they like, while still managing to focus on collaboration as a key influencer.

via Tech Crunch

The Biggest themes from this years SXSW Interactive Festival were:



security hawks

Staff at The Community would also like to give our condolences to the family and friends affected by the car accident at SXSW yesterday.  The Hashtag #SXSW was at it’s highest late yesterday, with people giving condolences and having conversations about the tragic event that took two peoples lives and sent two dozen to the hospital. “It was, thus, through text, Twitter and other social media that news and photographs of the horrific scene on Red River first spread like wildfire through the tens of thousands of SXSW attendees.” via The star. This is another reminder to all, that if you drink don’t drive, there are other methods of travel that you can use to get home for not only your safety but those around you. Visit MADD’s website for alternatives.

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