Facebook Pursues Innovation

Facebook, a social company that has been widely known for bringing social media into the mainstream across generations and the world has been investing financially in the future of technology as a whole.

So far this year, the company acquired the following emerging technologies for considerable financial investment.

WhatsApp, a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS, was snapped up for $19 billion. WhatsApp has had rapid global adoption as people leverage technology for easy connectivity around the world.




For a mere for $2 billion Facebook bought Oculus VR, a technology company specializing in revolutionizing the way people experience video games. Also, Oculus is considered by many as the leader in immersive virtual reality technology. Their vision statement sums it up best – Immersive virtual reality technology that’s wearable and affordable.

Oculus Rift camera_dk2


While not an acquisition, Facebook’s investment in Internet.org has increased as they recently announced their plans to utilize drones to bring internet access to the world.  To date, around one third of the world’s population (2.7 billion people) have Internet access.  Internet.org is a considerable venture that will completely evolve the online landscape by expanding the user base and the global perspective portrayed within the digital microcosm.

Facebook Internet.Org Drone ridley2_resized

Facebook, Internet.org Drone

Facebook is purchasing any potential platform or technology that could be potentially positioned as an industry disruptor, ensuring the social network will have their bases covered as the world evolves digitally.  How do you think the above innovative tech will impact the consumer landscape? 

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