It’s a Nice Day for a Hashtag Wedding


It's a nice day for a Hashtag Wedding

It’s a nice day for a Hashtag Wedding

This passed weekend two of my good friends got hitched on Vancouver Island in gorgeous Shawnigan Lake, a village just north of Victoria, BC.  Everything was perfect; the sun was shining, the lake was calm and good friends had gathered. The only imperfection was that I wasn’t there, well physically.  In the midst of this busy summer there just wasn’t a practical way that I could fly over to the West Coast for a weekend, it also costs an arm and a leg to get out there.  This didn’t mean that I entirely missed this pivotal moment in their lives.  Instead of physically standing on the dock during the ceremony I sat outside on my patio, giddily giggling (thank goodness for mute) watching it all unravel via FaceTime.  After the ceremony had ended I was taken around to express my happiness with the bride and groom and the other guests, including a friend who was watching from Montreal, QC!

The internet is reshaping the way that even the most traditional life events unfold. Virtually watching your friends or family say their “I do’s” in real time from Skype or FaceTime is just one of the growing trends involving weddings.



Planning Weddings with Pinterest

Admit it, once one of your friends is due to get married your home Pinterest page basically turns into a wedding catalogue from their Pinning frenzy. We even have those friends who have wedding boards when they aren’t engaged yet or even in relationships (I’m guilty). Who needs wedding planners anymore when you have Pinterest?  You can filter searches by style, brands or even season. In the ever expanding DIY culture, any brands that could sell themselves as being wedding related should definitely hop on the Pinterest train.


Hashtags to document on Instagram and Twitter

Hashtags to document on Instagram and Twitter


Another trend evolving from social platforms is using and creating unique hashtags for the wedding day so that the guests attending can document the big day all in one online “folder” on Instagram or Twitter.  This is either provided to the guests on a welcoming banner when they arrive at the reception or on the bride and grooms personal wedding website.  Did I just say wedding website? Yes, I did. Websites like Wedding Wire and  The Knot allow future husbands and wives  to create a registry as well as compare venues, wedding cakes, invitations, flowers and all other wedding amenities from certain brands and vendors who have partnered up with the website. After deciding on all the fine details they can showcase them on their very own website designed specifically for their big day.


How is the internet remoulding other traditions in your life like holidays, showers and birthdays that are heavily tied to consuming goods and services?


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