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Graphics Interchange Format : Pulp & Fiber The GIF craze

Graphics Interchange Format


There’s something fascinating, almost therapeutic, about watching Graphics Interchange Formats. I don’t know whether it’s the short looping nature of that small little choppy image that relates to our ever diminishing attention span or the fact that we find it funny that someone can relate a 3-5 second clip to basically anything we do on a regular basis. Oh sorry, you don’t know what a Graphics Interchange Format is? I bet you saw at least 3 of them today, if not more. But then again, we do like things short and sweet. Let me go back and explain.


Graphics Interch….. look a squirrel!


In 1987, CompuServe invented a way to create and share moving images on the computer in an effort to introduce colour to their file downloading areas, which before had just been black and white. THE GIF! Fun Fact: Did you know that the inventors of the Gif pronounced it as JIF?   Meanwhile, we’re all sitting here pronouncing it gift sans “t”.


When you realize you’ve been pronouncing GIF wrong this whole time.


Now these endless loops of short animations have come to represent our feelings about life or mimic day to day events. Move over emojis.


Emoji’s all “What ever.”


In the passed 30 days #GIF was mentioned on Twitter a total of 3.2 million times! Let me break that down for you. This means that every day #GIF is mentioned in a tweet 180,278 times, 4512 times an hour and 188 times a minute. You can’t even say GIF 188 times in a minute. Go ahead, I double dog dare you.


Nope, can’t do it.


What do you think?

Are you a fan of this new interweb trend? If you aren’t right now check out this blog: What Should We Call Me, serving up laugh by yourself moments a la GIF.  Can you see GIFs being used to successfully market brands?

There has been an influx of GIF photo booths present at marketing events, like the Gifn – an “easy-to-use, touch-based photobooth experience, offering interactive photo capturing, sans cameraman and chaos.”

Yup, almost got it.

Here’s a GIFvertisement created by Fiat:


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