“Bro, it’s so cold”: An empirical analysis of Torontonians complaining about the cold

Fellow Torontonians, were you losing your ish this morning because it was “soooo cold”? Well, you’re not alone. And if you complained about it on Twitter, you’re also not that original (sorry). We ran a quick little goetargeted Sysomos keyword pull on the word “cold” this morning, and it turns out there were 1,200+ mentions of ‘cold’, garnering over 3.3 million impressions within the past 24 hours. I’d post a photo of the word cloud associated with “cold”, but unsurprisingly, it includes the word f***ing, so I’ll spare you. Here are some of the cleverer things Torontonians were saying about the cold today:


Brands can be reactive and jump in on the weather-related-social action by inserting their brands or products into the social conversation.  Here are a couple examples of brands who have taken advantage of the unseasonably cool weather to share contextually relevant social content:


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