Yesterday Apple held their first keynote since June, viewable online via their website, which was only accessible via their own Safari browser  of course. In just one day, there were over 3.6 million mentions of Apple worldwide, according to social media listening audits.  Majority of these mentions occurred in the US by individuals aged 21-35- Millenials and GEN X’ers, while GEN Z was the 3rd most interested generation. If you missed it and have the luxury of time, feel free to watch the whole keynote via TechCrunch or you can read this blog post and digest all the major updates.

1. “The Apple Watch”: AKA iWatch, long anticipated- the smartwatch is operated primarily via it’s touch screen and digital crown- which zooms in and out of the screen. Loaded with cool features you expect from a smartphone- it will definitely be a strong contender in the wearables market.














2. The iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus: Aside from having the new iOS8, this thing is HUGE- phablet huge- we’re talking  a 5.5-inch screen in addition to a  4.7-inch screen option.





















3. iOS 8: The new operating system is launching on September 17th to the iPhone 4S and above as well as the the iPad 2 and beyond, and the fifth-generation iPod Touch.
























4. Apple Pay: Apple’s digital wallet leveraged NFC communications enabling users to add cards to their phone for payment with enabled POS. The wallet will be a viable challenger to current competitor Google Wallet.























Bonus fact- Apple’s App Store now has over 1.3 million apps, up 100,000 since their last keynote in June. What to do you think of Apple’s latest innovations? Will you be picking up the new Apple smartwatch or iPhone6 come the new year?


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