I scream, you scream, we all scream for Twitter’s video beta?

As you may have heard, Twitter is working on their very own video player. And as hard as it may be to believe that this functionality doesn’t already exist, Twitter has taken the time to make sure this tool is both effective and cool for users and advertisers.

While the rest of the world waits, Community got a first crack at the new beta of in-feed Twitter Video.



Traditionally, you just follow links to videos in tweets. Or, if your video is hosted on YouTube, you may watch those in-feed. However, if driving engagement and followers on Twitter is a higher priority than views, the new native video player is a much better bet.


Taking any size .mov or .mp4 movies (they already accept .gifs in-feed), you upload the video into the dashboard of your ads manager. From here, you can edit the video to feature the content exactly as you want (Change the title, key frame visible, and meta description). Then craft your tweet, and send. That simple.


The best feature may be the preview option (which you’ve seen if you schedule content) that allows you to see exactly what you’re about to send out.

Not only does Twitter’s native video player reduce the amount of overall clicks for users, but it optimizes the content for whatever screen they’re using. This creates an easier experience for everyone when posting and viewing video content. Even measurement and evaluation is easier. The video shows pre-expanded, and therefore every click means that much more, as users’ only options are retweet, favourite and play, instead of view on web or watch on YouTube.

Twitter has found just one more way to make their information sharing service that much more accessible and easy-to-use. What comes next?

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