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Anatomy of a Community Manager : Pulp & Fiber Community Manager 101

Anatomy of a Community Manager



The components required to make a community manager are varied- a diverse experience and skill sets is key to a successful candidate and on top of that a certain temperament is required to navigate the fluid social media landscape. Here at Community, we’ve discussed and  distilled the following must haves in potential CMs.

1. Prioritize: When you work in social you know multi-tasking is crucial to surviving and thriving. The best multi-taskers know how to prioritize and re-prioritize on the fly.

2. Perspective: Knowing when to address social situations head on & when to stand back and let the fans or followers respond is crucial. Smart community managers always consider the source before jumping into action.

3.Pro-Active: People willing to go the extra mile exploring for unique and memorable ways to promote their brand are truly valuable players in the community management world. These are the folks on the forefront of the best social media marketing.

4. Personality: No one wants to engage with a robot. PSA- people want to talk to other PEOPLE, even if that other person is representing a brand or a persona created to communicate on behalf of a company. Creativity in social is crucial!

5. Perseverance: Having the tenacity to sail your brand ship through some negative social media storm takes a commitment and determination from a CM. This can come in the form of simply addressing negative consumer complaints, admitting when a social media faux-pas has occurred or taking ownership with there simply is a lack of engagement with your brand.

Let us know what characteristics you think are ideal for a community manager in the comments.

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