Inside the Bacardi Triangle

This past weekend BACARDI celebrated Halloween with a party so epic, you have to see pictures to believe it. Imagine Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, and Kendrick Lamar playing a show for 1862 lucky guests, on a beach in Puerto Rico, which happens to be located inside the mysterious Bermuda Triangle.


Yeah, that happened.



Community watched the whole event unfold, as we helped broadcast content to Canada from the island in the Atlantic Ocean inside the #BacardiTriangle. The party started on Thursday night, with guests flying to and arriving at the island resort. Before the weekend even started, the music was pumping and the cocktails were flowing.




The pool at the resort acted as the hub, and people were invited to swim underneath the poolside dj booth all day, and night.




On Halloween, the party theme was Black Magic. (As we all know, strange things happen in the Bermuda Triangle.) Guests dressed-up and were treated to an all night party only BACARDI could throw.




Finally, Saturday night was the spectacle we’d all been waiting for. By boat, we brought all 1862 guests to the private island off the coast of Puerto Rico. Waiting there, a custom Triangle stage. Once darkness fell – Calvin, Ellie, and Kendrick shook the whole island with 3, high-energy sets to end the party with a bang.



Like a really, really big bang.


Want to see more? Bacardi Canada has all this weekend’s action posted, as well as cool images and other content you can see on Facebook, twitter and instagram. Stay tuned for more this week as we reveal all that went down inside the Bacardi Triangle.

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