Community spends a night in #Twinter Wonderland

You know the holidays are officially here when Twitter throws their annual #Twinter Wonderland holiday party. Since our social team isn’t the type to decline a party invitation (or an open bar), the crew headed over to The Burroughs building last night to take part in the festivities – except for Matt, who was a good boyfriend and didn’t want to bail on dinner with his girlfriend (way to stay out of the dog house, Matty!). Don’t worry, we totally grabbed him a gift bag, because #teamwork.

We were greeted with their signature cocktail, The Snowbird, which was a blend of vodka, blue curacao and lime, garnished with a coarse blue sugar rimmer – it was like the Twitter brand distilled into a glass, so kudos to the mixologist (although, we think it would have been better with Grey Goose versus Smirnoff, but we’re probably biased). There were several cool interactive experiences including a Twitter vending machine which dispensed cute Twitter tuques, an ice luge, a Twitter photobooth, candy bar, ice cream sandwich and taco stations, and a Twitter wall (natch!). Thanks to legitimately cool, tweet-worthy experiences and Twitter integration, their official #Twinter hash tag garnered 868,873 impressions from 478 Twitter mentions by 216 users.  The space was beautifully transformed using blue lighting and icy blue and white accents with Toronto-based indie rock bank Zeus kicking the party into high gear mid-way through the evening.

Your move, Facebook…


Colleen adding our Community logo to the #Twinter guest board in her fancy new tuque!


Colleen, Jen and Meg looking matchy-matchy in their new Twitter tuques!


Fun with photo booth props!


Our #Twinter photo booth pic.


The #Twinter ice luge!

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