Community volunteers at Evangel Hall Mission

They say it is better to give than to receive – and what better people to give to than those who are truly in need this holiday season. A group of Community employees spent last Thursday morning doing just that at Evangel House Mission. For 100 years, Evangel Hall Mission has helped homeless and socially isolated individuals find a safe haven from the streets. Every day, EHM will feed, clothe, and find shelter for up to 200 men and women – and they are just a short walk away from our office, at Bathurst and Adelaide. This short documentary gives a great overview of the history and type of work they do:

We arrived bright and early and were immediately put to work doing all sorts of jobs: preparing food, sorting clothing, unboxing and sorting toiletries, stocking shelves with donated food items, and serving lunch. We were able to meet some of the folks that came in for lunch that day, and everyone was very appreciative and friendly – there was definitely a great vibe during lunch hour, and it was nice to have a chat with some of the regulars.




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