Here are our New Years resolutions…leave yours in the comments!

It’s that time of year: time to use tired holiday-related clichés in blog post opening lines, but more importantly, time to make new years resolutions! In today’s post, we will be focusing on the latter – and we’ve roped in some lucky folks who are working over the holidays here at Community to help us out. Got a resolution? Leave it in the comments.

“Argue less with Ema [Community’s internal time-tracking and project management system]. Drink more water and less tea. Bring lunch more often to work.”
– Kyle Almeida, Account Executive


“Have a real breakfast in the morning. Stop drinking soda.”

– Matt Taylor, Social Media Coordinator


“Read more. Be better at communicating with friends who don’t live close by.”

– Colleen Oldfield, Social Media Coordinator


“Make an effort to nurture professional relationships and connections. Choose pants over shorts more often.”

– Meg Kerr, Social Media Strategist


“Move closer to where I work. Take a lunch versus eating a #SadDeskLunch.”

– Daria Lysenko, Account Manager and Vaughn resident


“Work smarter, not harder. Organize my inbox into folder. Healthy lunches –  no more junk food!”

– Erwin Rivera, Head of Digital


“I’d like to organize my mornings better – make time for breakfast, sort my day, hit the gym before getting into the office.”
– Scott Foerster, Digital Project Manager


“Spending more time understanding the roles of people around me and what they do so I don’t constantly work in a silo and can appreciate the business as a whole.”

– Matt Kenny, Account Supervisor


“One push-up for every print-out. Less handshakes. More hugs. Try not to eat other people’s lunches.”

– Trevor West, Copywriter


“Do something that scares me every hour. Every single one. No sleep this year.”

– Robby Frankel, Copywriter

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