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On The House



If you go to a lot of parties, you know this: The best ones usually end up in the kitchen.

When Community Agency first walked through the doors of 456 Wellington St., a few things immediately stood out. First and foremost, the space had its challenges. It’s a one-storey bungalow-like structure that spans a massive property and features a massive back yard. It was the kind of the place that felt empty unless it was full; like a house begging to be filled with guests.

Furthermore, Wellington Street itself is a unique location; in the heart of the entertainment district, yet somehow off the beaten path, tucked away from the King Street masses. It has the calm aesthetic of residential, with the energetic vibe of nightlife.

So what if it is a house, we thought. What if you walked in through a foyer and entered a grand kitchen. And what if there was a living room, and a games room, and everything else a swanky mansion would have. Drawing inspiration from a 1960’s Palm Springs architecture, a certain Peter Sellers film, and the vision of our clients, we decided to throw a perfect house party, every single night. So we started with the kitchen, and went from there.


While there’s something magical about being at an incredible house, with immaculate furnishings, and eating delicious food and drinks, it becomes truly unforgettable when you don’t know who the house belongs to. Why? Because then you’ll start to imagine. With pictures on the wall and the personal touches of someone’s house, not only did we create a place, we created a character. In fact, we created a whole family.

Everyone knows the Addisons throw the best parties. But few people know who they are, and even fewer have ever made their acquaintance. They collect fine art and always have a stocked bar. They have amazing food on hand, and their friends are all so charming. And of course, their house – my god. Have you seen their house? They really do have it all. It’s just too bad they’re never around to enjoy it.


Community has been branding nightclubs and restaurants for more than 15 years, helping establish the King and Queen West neighbourhood into what it is, and we’ve never met anyone like the Addisons.

So when you go to the best house party in downtown Toronto, be sure to tell them we say hello.

Instagram: @theaddisonsto 

Twitter: @TheAddisonsTO

Facebook: The Addisons 

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