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Experiencing Brands through Technology

Molson Canadian Beer Fridge

  Experiential marketing creates an emotional and memorable connection between brand and consumer to influence consumer purchases.  In the past, this strategy included designing experiences which involved giving out free beers at organized parties or giving out a new pair of basketball player affiliated shoes to who ever could jump up to the shoes at a […]

The Perfect Pour


Ever wonder how advertisers get that perfect pour? That seamless slow-motion swish of beer, coating the glass before filling to the brim, bubbling, but never fizzing over, creating a light, white puff of foam that sways without spilling? Have you ever wondered why you can’t recreate this perfect pour at home? No matter how many […]

Coors Light Iced-T Takes Off


It may be chilly outside but the party was certainly heating up on April 3, at the Coors Light Iced-T Launch party. Enthusiastic Torontonians gathered, wearing their summer whites and sunglasses, at the Sound Academy in celebration of the largest launch in Molson Coors Canada’s history. The Sound Academy was transformed into a lively beach […]

Coors Light Iced-T Launch


As the temperature rises to above 20 this week, most of us can’t help but long to be sitting on a patio sipping a cold drink. As others bask in the unusually warm weather for mid-March, the good folks at Molson and we here at P&F have been hard at work, strategically planning one of […]