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Experiencing Brands through Technology

Molson Canadian Beer Fridge

  Experiential marketing creates an emotional and memorable connection between brand and consumer to influence consumer purchases.  In the past, this strategy included designing experiences which involved giving out free beers at organized parties or giving out a new pair of basketball player affiliated shoes to who ever could jump up to the shoes at a […]

Apple Takes the Cake

Top global brands via Interbrand

News hit the airwaves this morning that Apple is now the world’s top brand, leaving  Coca-Cola out of the #1 spot after holding it down for 13 years. I think it’s pretty cool that 6 out of 8 in the top 10 are tech related companies. This great news for Apple comes just over a […]

Best Five Print Ads… Ever


If we live and breathe, if we walk around, watch TV, or movies, listen to the radio, or read magazines, then we are consumers.  Whether we’d like to think so or not. It’s said that we are exposed to an average of 5000 ads a day. Crazy, no? This number increases almost every year. And […]

Project Re: Brief By Google


Bob says it best, “times, they are a changing.” In the last twenty years, we’ve seen a whole new side of advertising. The digital era has pushed the ad industry into previously uncharted territory. This year marks the 18th anniversary of Internet advertising. In honor of this milestone, Google launched Project Re: Brief. According to […]

Super Bowl Ads Hit YouTube


On February 5th, millions of viewers will tune in as the New York Giants face the New England Patriots at Super Bowl XLVI on NBC. But it’s not just pigskins and touchdowns that will have people glued to their flat screens on game day. For some, the commercials are just as enticing as the game […]