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The Copywriters Are Crying


Copywriters, scooch closer. It’s time for a vocabulary lesson. The Oxford Dictionaries Online recently released their latest edition, fresh out the kitchen, with a new batch of words, and some of them are totally ridic. Well, at least one of them is, as ridic is now officially part of the English language. Sad. I know. […]

50 Shades of Advertising

sex pulp and fiber funny

At Pulp&Fiber, we don’t promote erotic deviance in the workplace. But we’re going to make an exception just this once. Fifty Shades of Grey, the #1 New York Times Bestseller (aka the drugstore smut your Aunt Esther just can’t seem to put down) has spawned a fan-made tumblr created by copywriters, designers, and ad executives […]

Words VS. Pictures

copywriters vs designers

In the advertising world, there is an age-old saying that claims copy is king. Well, as it turns out, the king is dead. Okay, he’s not dead. That’s a little dramatic. But there has been a sort of coup d’état, where design, which used to take a back seat to copy, has overthrown the King […]

The Write Way

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It’s a doctor’s duty to know the human anatomy. It’s a copywriter’s duty to know the English language. Now, if a doctor had to sit back and watch a person without a medical licence perform a complicated surgery, the doctor would likely jump in and grab the scalpel. So, by the same token, it’s often […]

What’s A Copywriter, Anyway?


Copywriting is hard work. Stringing words together to create sentences? Now that’s what I call a tough task. Without copywriters, how would we even begin to know which cereals are the most ‘Crunchtastic’ or which running shoes will get you laid? (You know, Just Do It? No? Did I misunderstand that one? Ok.) They work […]